Travel Photographers Wanted!

Emu Run Experience needs Uluru travel photographers and video makers to supply us with photos and videos of our adventures in the Australian outback! For those who are interested in writing for us, please go here.You don’t need to be a professional or own expensive equipment. If you know how to wield a camera, shoot a simple video and your good with people, we would love you to work for us!We are offering potential travel photographers and video makers 20%* off the full price of any tour they book in return for their photos and/or video footage.

Minimum requirements:

60 photos per day whilst on tour– OR –8 videos ( see below )

Photo Requirements:

Photos submitted must be different and varied. Please don’t send in multiple photos of the same scene/object. As our photographer we need you to cover all areas of the tour. Try taking photos of inside and outside the vehicle, the food, the trekking, the campsites, the equipment and the scenery. We also need photos of people, the more photos of you can give us of you and your friends having fun the better. See examples here

Photos should be supplied in high resolution. Long side should be minimum 3000px at minimum 72dpi.Photos should be supplied as Jpeg or Raw formats.Printed photos are only accepted under special conditions.Only color photos will be acceptedPhotos should be effect freePhotos should not be edited, had a effect applied or touched up in anyway. Photos need to be supplied straight from the camera.

Video Requirements:

  • Video clips should be at least 10 seconds in length.
  • Videos taken on smart phones are OK
  • Videos must be in HD
  • Videos need to be strictly filmed in landscape

Videos must contain the following:

  • 1 x Interview with your tour guide
  • 1 x Interview a travel companion
  • 1 x moment of self reflection in a cool place
  • 1 x moment inside the vehicle
  • 1 x moment in your camp site or accommodation
  • 1 x moment while exploring
  • 1 x moment with friends
  • 1 x moment of your choice

Upon completion of the tour, we ask that photos and videos are uploaded within 7 days.

All files will need to be uploaded via Dropbox using internet. Login details will be provided once assignment has been accepted by traveller.

* Only 1 person per booking is eligiable to part-take in this project. This offer can not be combined with discounts or any other specials listed on For tours with discounted prices, a total refund of 20% will be provided less the discounted amount of the tour.

Assignments are ONLY granted if placements are available and portfolio and equipment has been supplied to our team for consideration.

For more information please click here to send us an email.

See our Terms & Conditions for more details.